Code Review

Application code review is one of the best techniques for identifying security flaws within an application. Automated tools may help in identifying known vulnerabilities and to some extent identify flaws that are specific to one application function. Manual code review provides an insight to risks related to insecure coding.

Many a times, the applications are built by third party developers and as a result of delivering the application on time, some of the crucial security features are neglected. An application code review helps organizations to test their applications and proactively secure it from various threats.

Our high-level review approach consists of four phases

Information Gathering

  • Configurations (Client-Server-Database)
  • Coding Language (HTML, PHP, ASP, .NET etc.)


  • Meeting with Business Owners and Developers
  • Arrange necessary technical logistics


  • Identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities
  • Identifying solutions for recommendation

Report Findings

  • Detailed technical report describing
  • vulnerabilities, impacts and recommendations