Network Security Assessment

A system configuration assessment provides in-depth details of any vulnerability, which cannot be identified using automated tools or vulnerability assessment process. During this assessment, Stride team performs manual checks against the abovementioned activities. The process also takes into consideration the specific targets, environment, purpose, intended users and also operational procedures. This enables the assessor to be more specific in identifying the flaws and providing remediation on the basis of requirements.

Where required, a vulnerability assessment specifically over the network assets is conducted to identify potential risks. The following areas will be covered under this assessment:


  • Review ACLs, packet inspection configuration, routing and content inspection


  • Review the implementation (sensor position, tap or pass-through), signature updates, administrative operations, monitoring and alerting.

Router and switches

  • Review the basic/global configuration, equipment lock down configuration, ACLs, routing configurations

Network Architecture

  • Review the network architecture such as network segmentation (VLAN, IP subneting), network topology.

Network Boundaries (Internal/External)

  • Detailed technical report describing vulnerabilities, impacts and recommendations)